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Saturday, December 31, 2016

We have all heard the stories that a friend of a friend studied for a career that they were passionate about, only to come out of their course with a qualification and are struggling to find a job in their field of study.

Hearing these stories can be discouraging when you feel like returning to studying. Especially when you want to get qualified and start a career that you are really passionate about, like a career in aged care.

At Royal College of Healthcare, we don’t want to see our students finish their aged care qualification and then struggle to find a job. That’s why, when you choose to study with us, we make sure we give our students opportunities to gain industry experience, and have support available for those wanting to brush up on studying, their resume and interview skills.


We prepare you for the real world

Well, if a career in aged care is something that you are wanting to achieve, when you study with the Royal College of Healthcare, rest assured that finding a job in aged care after graduating will be easier than you expect.

Why? Because not only do we have great trainers and study success coaches that will help you learn and develop your skills, when you study CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing), as part of the course you also do a 3 week block consisting of 120 hours in an aged care facility. This is a great opportunity to show potential employers your dedication and passion for your future career, as well as getting some real world experience to add to your resume!


Extra Support is available with our Study Success Coaches

At the Royal College of Healthcare it is our ongoing mission to enhance our students’ experience and ensure success. This is achieved with the ongoing support from our Study Success Coaches.

Our Study Success Coaches are there to help our students with not only their learning throughout the course, but also helping with resume developments and interview skills.

Our Study Success Coaches have tertiary qualifications in teaching, industry experience and are here solely there to see our students at the Royal College of Healthcare succeed in getting the most out of their course and ready for their career.


Practice, Practice Practice

With all this practical training under your belt, don’t be surprised to find you have less nervousness about the first day than other newbies when you start in your dream role (it will happen!).

Practice really does make perfect and you’ve had plenty of it, which should set you up with plenty of confidence too. When you’re assigned tasks that you’ve had a go at already, it’s far less overwhelming and chances are you’ll exceed expectations. Another boost for your confidence!

Teaching for a career in aged care

Our Royal College of Healthcare trainers teach for the real world. With their own backgrounds working in aged care, they have a wealth of knowledge to share to make your aged care qualification pack an extra punch.


Trained To Do Something Meaningful

A piece of paper shows you’ve committed and achieved something, but let’s face it – you didn’t just study to have something to frame and hang on your wall.

You trained to do something meaningful; you trained to have a career in aged care. And when you gain an aged care qualification with Royal College of Healthcare that’s exactly what you get.

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