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At Royal College of Healthcare it is our ongoing mission to enhance our students’ experience and support them to reach their full potential. This is achieved with the ongoing support from our Study Success Coaches.

Our Study Success Coaches have tertiary qualifications in teaching, industry experience and are here solely to see our students succeed in getting the most out of their course.


Study Success

Our Study Success Coaches are available to all of our students who want extra help with their study. This includes:

  • Small group workshops – Teachers will visit training locations/areas to deliver workshops which may target improving Language, Literacy and Numeracy skills and provide additional support with understanding course content. Workshops may also be used as an opportunity for groups of students to seek additional assessment support.
  • One-on-one phone tutorial support – Students can organise regular and ongoing personal tutorials provided over the phone. This support is flexible to the needs of the students, but can be an opportunity to seek feedback on assessment prior to submission, seek additional assistance with difficult areas in units and assessments.
  • Study preparation and support – Teachers can provide guidance on using course materials, make suggestions on individualised study plans and provide coaching on modifying study practices to appeal to personal learning styles and preferences.
  • Intensive catch-up workshops – Students falling behind in the course may have extended one-on-one face-to-face workshops to focus on catching up with course materials. This service is provided only if extenuating circumstances apply and with trainer collaboration.
  • External writing and literacy program – Students may access a program designed for independent personal development focused on improving written communication skills.
  • General phone and email support

Employment Success

At Royal College of Healthcare we also want to help our students to have the best chance in starting the career they have been studying for! Our Study Success Coaches also help with:

  •  Resume – Prior to placement or completion of the course, all students may access Study Success Coach to have a personal resume created that is tailored towards individual support work and includes recent studies and placement experience. Resume development is achieved through face-to-face or over the phone one-on-one sessions.
  • Cover letters – Students may contact their Study Success Coach to seek assistance with the creation of a personalised cover letter template targeted at industry, or their coach may assist with individualised cover letters targeted at specific applications.
  • Interview skills – Students may access their Study Success Coach for interview coaching sessions conducted over the phone or in person to small and large groups.
  • Workshops – Workshops can be delivered to large groups that address resume, cover letter and interview skills.
  • Job hunting online – Study Success Coaches can provide guidance on using online job search engines and submitting online applications.
  • Ongoing support – It is our mission that students achieve professional success. Students can continue accessing employment support upon the completion of the course.

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