Top 5 aged care facility Christmas activities

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Looking for some simple aged care activities to incorporate a bit of the Christmas spirit into your facility? Channel the benefits of art therapy this year and get crafty for Christmas.


Craft activities give ageing individuals a special keepsake they can gift to a relative, friend or fellow resident, or use to decorate their rooms or common areas of an aged care facility. In addition, getting hands-on with some craft can contribute to hand-eye coordination, sensory stimulation, increasing self-esteem, reducing depression and anxiety and assisting with socialising.


In aged care the little things can make a huge difference the quality of the aged care experience for your residents or clients. From traditional Christmas cards to useful holiday heating pads, we have sourced some ideas that are easy to implement and will ensure you keep the holiday spirit alive at your aged care facility.


Try one or more of our top five Christmas crafts activities with seniors in the lead up to Christmas this year!


Five Christmas craft activities for aged care


  1. Waterless Snow Globes
    You don’t need many supplies to make these gorgeous waterless snow globes – but the results are amazing! These easy-to-make decorations will keep seniors and family members alike smiling – and provide professional, heart-warming decorations your seniors can feel proud of. Get your waterless snow globe instructions here.


  1. Bow Wreaths
    These bow wreaths put a fun twist on a Christmas time classic – plus they help spruce up your aged care residents’ doors! The simplicity of making these bow wreaths make them a great aged care facility craft. Buy a variety of different coloured bows to allow for more creativity.


  1. Festive Heating Pads

In aged care aches and pains can be a common experience amongst residents. Seniors can heat away their ailments with these easy-to-make heating pads. All you need is rice, scissors, a sewing machine and a festive Christmas towel.


  1. Christmas Candy Holders

Inexpensive and super simple, these Christmas candy holders will add a little Christmas fun to visiting time. They can be decorated in many different ways and are a really great exercise for seniors to get their imagination flowing.


  1. Homemade Christmas Cards
    An oldie – but a goodie. There’s a huge variety of Christmas cards to create, and they all make great personalised gifts for family and friends. Pick and choose from these cards for endless afternoons of Christmas fun. You can even create rotating working stations so seniors can try their hand at the many different styles.


Bring the spirit of Christmas to your aged care facility and put a smile on the faces of the seniors in your care and their loved ones.


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