Communication with families – Top 3 Tips

Monday, December 12, 2016

When it comes to communication with families in aged care, open and positive communication between aged care workers and those closest to the individuals in their care can make the big difference when it comes to offering the best support.

Communication with families in aged care is so important to gain a good understanding of the older individual/s in your care so you know how to best approach their care. It also enables you to provide support to families and loved ones by keeping everyone informed.

Communication with families in aged care Top 3 Tips

Here are our top 3 tips for effective communication with the family members of individuals in aged care.


Engage in conversation

Take the time to say hello. When you see a family member that is visiting ask them questions, share something nice or funny that happened recently, or relay any concerns that you may have. Listen to them carefully, and try not to rush any important information they may be trying to tell you.


Offer support

Remember that the family is affected too. When the person in your care experiences a health issue, it affects their loved ones. Try to be available for any questions or concerns that they may have, and let them know that you are looking after their loved one the best you can. You can also offer advice, but be culturally sensitive, keeping in mind that different cultures have different beliefs when it comes to illness and even death.


Encourage an open environment with family involvement

When family members come to visit, it can benefit the wellbeing on the individual they are coming to see. However this experience can be difficult for the family members, so do your best to make them feel welcomed. The more positive the experience, the more likely they will visit regularly. Encourage the family contact, and make supporting their loved ones as easy and enjoyable as possible.

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