Aged care job growth in Queensland

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Aged care job growth

An aged care career in Queensland is a career with a future, with continual growth year after year.

Recent IBIS World figures on Australia’s aged care residential services sector shows it is expected to generate over $20 billion in revenue this year, with further growth to follow. This is a sector that provides genuine employment prospects for those dedicated individuals who want to make a difference within a meaningful career.

Queensland’s ageing population

Along with the rest of the country, Queensland’s number of older people in its population has grown significantly over the last few decades. In 2019 approximately 800,000 Queenslanders were aged 65 and older, which includes almost 92,000 individuals aged 85 years and older. In fact, by 2049, 1 in 5 Queenslanders are projected to be aged 65 years or over — that’s more than double.

The drivers of this ageing population are sustained lower fertility combined with increasing life expectancy and migration from those previously living overseas and interstate. With this older population comes the need for more services catering to and providing care for elderly members of society.

Aged care jobs for a rewarding career

Aged care can be delivered in many different ways. Some aged care workers visit older individuals at their homes and help with personal care, shopping and errands. Other roles in the aged care sector work within live-in residential care facilities, supporting the elderly with daily care including eating and dressing, or designing and delivering programs to enhance the quality of life for residents. As an essential part of the lives of some of the communities most vulnerable people, aged care jobs are incredibly rewarding.

At Royal College, we equip students of all ages and backgrounds with qualifications in aged care and disability support, offering certificate and advanced diploma options. Our courses are designed to ensure graduates have the skills to work across these diverse areas – including working in personal care, disability support, management, community care and more.

Diverse roles available across aged care

If finding work that has options is important to you, aged care is well known for its diversity. From part time and casual options, night shift, jobs with variety from day to day or full time positions in one place, an aged care job can be found to fit with many lifestyles and existing commitments. There are also many opportunities for career progression along the way.

With the diverse range of roles available within the aged care sector, the salary will vary depending on the role you work in. On average, as one of Brisbane’s employed aged care workers you could expect to earn a salary of approximately $46,000 to $56,000.

Aged care sector set for reforms

In light of the recent Aged Care Royal Commission and its subsequent interim report toward the end of 2019, an overhaul is expected for the sector in the months and years to come. The findings have highlighted that the sector has not adequately met the needs of the elderly in Australia and that the quality of care needs immense improvement.

The focus as we move forward will be on training and skills — ensuring that aged care workers are supported with regular and ongoing high-quality training opportunities so that they are equipped to deliver the level of care necessary for some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.

Preparing Queenslanders for aged care jobs

If you’re seeking a new career, or a career change, in a thriving industry that’s also exciting and rewarding – working towards the qualifications to step into an aged care job may be your best way forward.

There are many reasons to choose a career in aged care, and high quality training will set you up with the knowledge and skills to succeed in the sector. And with the aged care sector set to evolve and grow over the coming months and years, now is the time to make your move towards a career that really makes a difference, and a career that you can count on.

Talk to our team about how you can get the right qualifications to access fulfilling and meaningful aged care jobs.


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