7 must-know facts about aged care jobs

Monday, July 22, 2019

If you’ve been considering a career in aged care, there are a few things you should know about working in this sector. We’ve rounded up the facts about aged care jobs so you know what to expect.

 7 must know aged care facts

So many opportunities

If you’re after a profession that has real job prospects, aged care is an excellent choice. There are more jobs available in aged care currently than in any other sector, so finding work with this career path is just about guaranteed.

Huge variety of roles

From working in aged care in home care settings, caring for the elderly in aged care facilities or looking into training or administrative roles, aged care has a huge variety of roles. Plus, you will find a range of different hours and shifts to suit your lifestyle and other commitments.

Highly rewarding

The stories you will hear, the relationships you will build and the satisfaction of helping those in need make aged care a hugely rewarding career path.


Aged care is not a career that is without challenges. In some instances, aged care roles can be physically demanding, requiring you to provide ageing or disabled individuals with physical assistance. Working in aged care you may be faced with emotional challenges in your work environment including mental health issues, grief and loss.


Australia is an ageing nation and the need for aged care workers is only increasing, making the sector a safe bet for employment now and well into the future.

Life-changing for the better

When we say working in aged care is life-changing, we don’t necessarily mean for you, but for the individuals you provide care for. Each day you are caring for the most vulnerable members of society, enabling them to face the day with dignity and the assistance they need. Working in aged and disability care you will no doubt learn many valuable lessons too that will enrich your own life.

Training makes a difference

Many aged care jobs are hands on and so your training makes a huge difference in your ability to best handle your work. At Royal College we specialise in training people to work in aged care and are passionate about the sector. Our courses and training are of the highest standard to ensure you are fully equipped and capable to make a difference in the aged care sector. Quality training means you can get on with your aged care role with confidence and expertise.

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