The ultimate guide to a career in aged care

Sunday, April 18, 2021

If you’ve always dreamed of a meaningful working life, one that allows you to empower people every day, to be of service…look no further than aged care. The aged care sector needs dedicated individuals to help shape the future of care and look after elderly citizens with the compassion and respect that they deserve.

aged care career guide

Stay with us as we guide you through a rewarding career in the growing and diverse aged care sector.

Gain the professional skills and knowledge to make a difference

If you’re considering a career in aged care, you’re in the right place!

Working in aged care you’ll go home each day confident that you’ve made a difference in the lives of others. Spending your working time in the company of older people will reward you in unexpected ways.

From gaining different perspectives from people with a lifetime of experience, to forming enriching connections, to celebrating small yet meaningful achievements you’ve helped with, such as maintaining a hobby or recovering from a surgery.

You’ll also likely find that you yourself are inspired by the life stories of the individuals in your care. The aged care sector, now more than ever, needs caring, compassionate and highly skilled professionals to support and enhance the lives of individuals in their later years. If this sounds like meaningful work you could get behind, let’s take a closer look at what your career could entail.

What a career in aged care could look like

You might be considering an aged care career because of your interest in caring for others. That’s a good place to start. But a rewarding salary is an equally important component in a successful career. The aged care sector has the potential to offer you just that.

Your salary as a professional in the aged care sector will vary depending on responsibilities, qualifications, hours, and location. Working in aged care also offers flexibility, so you can enjoy your personal life too.

Depending on the position and the setting you choose to work in, you may have the option to work shifts and hours that suit your family and needs. Just as important for a satisfying career is the cultural change that this profession is about to experience (in light of the Royal Commission recommendations).

This will likely see aged care workers attract more recognition, better and clearer career progression paths, improvements to education, training, wages and working conditions.

Choose a career option that works for you

These days there are a range of care types on offer for the elderly. That also means that there are many different types of aged care roles.

You may start your career in aged care working as a:

  • Home care assistant
  • Residential care worker
  • Community support worker

As you advance your career and you upskill, you may apply for roles such as:

  • Care supervisor
  • Program coordinator

Some of the care settings you might work in are:

  • Help at home
  • Short-term aged care
  • Residential care

How do you know this is the career for you?

Working in aged care comes with recognition, market demand and opportunities for career growth. Not only that, but it’s deeply rewarding and meaningful work. If you think you have the right attributes to thrive in the aged care sector, contact the team at Royal College to chat about your study options.

At Royal College we use our years of knowledge and experience in aged care to support carers, facilities and students each and every day.

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