Higher Level Skills Funding

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The Queensland government will pay an amount towards the cost of selected health care courses for eligible students and the student is required to pay a student contribution fee.

To be eligible for a subsidised training place students must meet the following criteria:
— An Australian citizen (Permanent resident, Temporary resident with necessary visa and work permits on the pathway to permanent residency, New Zealand citizen permanently residing in Queensland)
— Over 15 years of age
— Have left school
— Must not hold a qualification at certificate IV level or higher in any discipline
— Must be an existing worker in the Health & Community Services industry

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Policy Statement

The intention of the Higher Level Skills program is to assist working-age Queenslanders to complete selected nationally recognized certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and priority skills sets.  These qualifications are designed to:

— Provide support for career advancement (progression) for individuals already employed in priority industries,
— Secure employment, or
— Transition to university to continue further education

Consumer Protection

Under the Higher Level Skills Program an eligible person has access to only one subsidised training place for a selected funded qualifications at AQF level 4 or higher (Certificate IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma) and priority skills sets.

Once you have completed one qualification under the Higher Level Skills Program you will no longer be eligible for another government subsidised training place under this program.

It is very important for you take time to compare and consider your training options and costs, before committing to a course of study and signing an enrolment form which will use your entitlement.

The Queensland Government has developed a resource to help you research your training options, compare training providers and clearly explain your rights as a consumer.  This resource entitled ‘Training Consumer Tips’ can be accessed at https://training.qld.gov.au/training/courses/studentguide/tips

Cooling Off Period

Students are entitled to a cooling off period of  7 days from the receipt of application.

Student Obligation

You will be required to complete an employment survey within 3 months of completing or withdrawing from your qualification.  Results of this survey are reported to the Queensland Government.  You can access and complete this survey on-line.


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