Apps that make excellent aged care aids

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Australia’s youth might think they’re the only ones utilising the power of the internet and apps, but the nbn™ GranTechies Report suggests otherwise. Apps for aged care may be more useful than realised…

According to the 2016 report, 72 per cent of seniors can’t imagine their lives without the internet! Of those, an incredible 93 per cent use the internet every day.

As older Australians become more comfortable with the internet and the modern devices used to access it, apps are looking more and more likely to make useful aged care aids.

At the Royal College of Healthcare we find technology pretty exciting – especially when it can be used to make lives easier. Currently Apple and android users have access to over 2 million unique apps, so to help you cut through we’ve rounded up a few of the types of apps that could be of use to older individuals in your care.

Apps for aged care purposes

Fall detecting apps

For those who are at risk of falls, this app can quite literally be a lifesaver. The apps use various sensors in smart phones to collect information to detect if someone has suffered a fall. That’s not all – the apps can then issue an alert including geolocation to a nominated contact.

Visual aid apps

Working in aged care means you may have people in your care who are visually impaired. Visual aid apps can be a huge help for these individuals. Some apps allow users to upload images and have colours or objects identified for them. Others will read text a phone camera is aimed at aloud. Amazing.

General health apps

Apps exist to help track and/or improve the health of individuals. There are even apps dedicated to managing certain conditions, like high blood pressure, arthritis or diabetes.

Finder apps

Getting older sometimes means finding things is not as easy as it once was. Luckily, there are plenty of apps which combined with a small chip/tracker to help. Pop a chip in a wallet or on keys and track them from the app on your smart device. Nothing will be lost for long.

Reminder apps

Help older individuals in your care to remember when you’re coming, what appointments they have coming up and even when to take medication. Utilising apps that are designed to remind can be very helpful and many don’t need an internet connection to work.

Innovation in aged and disability care is exciting and for many, life changing. Explore some of the apps available and see if there are any suitable to benefit someone in your care.

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