Aged Care Employee Day

Thursday, August 6, 2020

The most vulnerable members of society are cared for each day by hundreds of thousands of aged care employees across Australia’s aged care workforce. This Saturday 7 August, 2021 is Aged Care Employee Day, encouraging everyone to acknowledge the important work of aged care workers.

Aged Care Employee Day 2021

Throughout this year individuals working in aged care have continued to support seniors, delivering much-needed care in residential services and for those living independently. From personal hygiene to errands and even the comfort of social contact and conversation during some very challenging times, aged care workers have been at the forefront of the pandemic and its impact. For the meaningful work they undertake daily, this day is about saying thank you to those working in aged care!

Aged Care Employee Day: Saying Thanks

This year the theme of Aged Care Employee Day is Thanks for Caring, with the day itself calling on us to do just that — give thanks to aged care employees for caring for our ageing Australians.

The day is focused on all the employees in the sector whose contributions come together to provide for our elderly members of communities. It honours the work of carers, nurses, cleaners, cooks, drivers, hospitality teams, allied health professionals, admin teams, lifestyle officers, volunteers — everyone who works hard to uphold this vital sector.

Caring and compassionate aged care employees

The aged care workforce is made up of a range of roles with employees contributing their unique skills and knowledge to provide care for ageing Australians in a variety of settings.

Aged care workers make up a workforce of over 360,000 individuals who are making a difference in lives and communities with their work and their care in residential care facilities, community-based care and home care. While over 80% of those working in aged care are women, many men are coming into the sector to provide care to the growing number of aged care recipients each year.

Quality aged care employees approach their work with kindness and compassion, with many possessing qualities that enable them to do so, such as patience, empathy and effective communication skills. Aged care employees are capable of enhancing the physical and mental health and wellbeing of the elderly through their work, and often develop rewarding relationships with those in their care that are truly cherished.

The importance of aged care work

The care delivered by employees of the aged care workforce is invaluable. It truly changes lives, it enhances lives and high-quality aged care can even extend lives.

One of our Training Managers, Sally, shared her insights about the incredible people who work in aged care:

“It takes a special person to work in Aged Care … they have to have compassion and empathy. They spend each shift caring for the vulnerable in our community with great care and respect for very low pay and often in difficult times. They are often dealing with challenging behaviours, difficult situations and sometimes unhappy families, but they continue to give the best care they can.

I worked in Aged Care as a carer for 15 years and it had its challenges but it was very rewarding. I met some beautiful older people who came from many diverse backgrounds, but I cared for them all exactly the same and I know I made a difference to their day! Aged Care Workers make the lives of our elderly BETTER every day!”

This Aged Care Employee Day, let’s honour aged care employees. Let’s thank them for their commitment and care to Queensland’s elderly. Take the time to thank aged care employees and support the aged care sector and its valuable contribution to the lives of our elderly as we continue to work together to ensure aged care is delivered to the highest standard possible.

Royal College of Healthcare proudly provides training for Queensland’s aged care sector and is dedicated to continuing to work with inspiring aged care employees as they enter their careers and further their training within the sector. Thank you to all aged care workers for your hard work and valued care.

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