Aged care careers for work life balance

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

We all want a job we can be passionate about and enjoying going to, but it’s important that we have the time to enjoy our personal lives too. Aged care careers can deliver work life balance.

Personal lives come in all shapes and sizes, so what works for some won’t work for others. Aged care provides a range of career options that can deliver all sorts of hours – so your work can suit your life, not the other way around.

Your aged care job to suit your lifestyle

The choice of a several aged care roles is yours when you’re qualified as an aged care worker. Choose from work as a residential care worker in a clinic or facility or a job as a home care assistant, taking care of older individuals within their own homes.

While some aged care jobs could stick to the classic hours of 9am – 5pm, there are many that offer flexible hours that could better suit your life and your needs.

Days, evenings, nights or weekends – what works best for you?

Parents often find that working evenings is perfect for them to maximise time spent with their children during the day.

Does night shift appeal to you? This leaves you to use your days as you (making time for sleep of course!) If working nights suits your lifestyle, you’ll find this option available in an aged care career.

Maybe you don’t want to work during the week due to other commitments or you have another job. You can be working in your role in aged care doing weekend shifts.

You could even find a roster in your aged care job that includes a combination of daytime, evening and weekend work!

Employment in aged care can be on a permanent basis, contract work or even casual if you prefer this level of flexibility. An aged care career gives you options.

Whatever your lifestyle there’s a job in aged care with working hours to suit, so when you work in aged care your personal life and professional life can both thrive.

If a career in aged care with a work life balance sounds right for you, we can help you achieve it. Call Royal College of Healthcare on 07 3157 1798 or email

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