Sharing passion for aged care: Meet trainer Kylie

Monday, August 9, 2021

From a young age we all begin seeking out role models and looking for people in our lives who can support us to reach our goals. After all, guidance from those who have experience in our areas of interest is highly valuable and can go a long way to help us get where we want to be.

Kylie aged care trainer

Trainer support plays that important role for learners who study aged care. At Royal College, your trainer is committed to your success and will have their own inspiring aged care journey for you to learn from. One such trainer is Kylie March.

An aged care trainer who inspires

Everyone’s start in aged care is different. For Aged Care Trainer and Practical Placement Coordinator Kylie March, it was decades ago when her children started school and she felt it was time to return to the workforce. A relative suggested nursing was a good fit and after some enquiries and training she was working in a nursing assistant role with dementia care patients. Soon enough, Kylie started wanting to bring more to the role and enhance the lives of those in her care with fun and games.

“We would dance and sing, and I even brought my three daughters to work to join in the fun. Everyone loved it and the patients living in the dementia unit got so much from it all”, Kylie shares.

This was the beginning of Kylie’s dedication to lifestyle programs in aged care. Throughout her career she developed a resident-based choir at aged care facilities who would travel to perform at other facilities, and an annual fete — residents would participate in creating art and craft to raise money for their choice of charity. It’s no surprise that Kylie has been the recipient of many awards in her aged care career!

Sharing aged care passion and experience with learners

In her current role as a trainer for aged care learners at Royal College, Kylie helps learners to understand how to create rewarding moments in their work in aged care, from starting a conversation to arranging an exciting outing. Her aim is to pass on her enthusiasm so they can gain that sense of purpose and fulfilment that she has enjoyed so much through her own work in aged care.

Chatting about how she transitioned from working with ageing individuals and those with dementia to supporting people training, Kylie found it to be a natural shift for her:

“I just love helping people. I love looking at their situation and working to find the best outcomes for them.”

All trainers at Royal College prioritise compassion and care. The experience of training with Royal College is one that comes with ample support and nurturing through the study journey and beyond.

Even when you’re studying online, you can benefit from phone calls, video call sessions and in-person catch ups. Forget about those generic emails or waiting for days on end to get some help – Royal College ensures learners have their own dedicated trainer who will provide individualised support that is there when you really need it.

Practical placement to feel comfortable and confident

As well as an aged care trainer, Kylie is a practical placement coordinator for Royal College. This role means she builds strong partnerships with aged care facilities to ensure she can match learners on practical placement with a workplace they can really flourish in. Kylie recognises the importance of those practical placement hours, saying that:

“You need to have that practical placement experience because there are some things you really can’t learn from a book. You might not get the hang of everything right away, which is why each of those 120 placement hours are so important to get you feeling comfortable and confident.”

Aged care training for career-readiness

Between the exceptional level of support, they receive and the commitment to hands-on learning, Royal College graduates are often highly regarded in the aged care sector. Why? Because trainers like Kylie make sure everyone completes their course feeling job-ready.

That level of support and high-quality training makes employers confident that Royal College graduates will enter the sector with a dedication to making a difference and doing their job to the highest possible standard.

Carving out a career with meaning in aged care

Aged care plays a crucial role in communities. With an ageing population, the demand for aged care workers continues to grow.

“These people deserve our care, and it’s now our turn to look after them. Let’s give people the best life we can, right until the end.”

You might be looking for a career with more meaning or something that gives you excellent job prospects — either way, an aged care career is well-worth exploring.

Kylie’s advice to anyone considering aged care courses is to just go for it.

“If you want meaning and purpose in your life, go and look after these beautiful people. It will make you want to get up out of bed and go to work. There’s nothing like a carer role.”

To learn more about a career in the aged care sector and how to get qualified, get in touch with the team here at Royal College.



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