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Aged Care Staff Professional Development

The aim of a professional development workshop is to offer a program that delivers tangible results through an action-learning approach, providing immediate opportunity for development of practical skills and problem solving strategies. These workshops are also designed to challenge and motivate staff.

Our professional development workshops are targeted at specific skill areas. The sessions are innovative, flexible, engaging and offer individuals and organisations tangible benefits in the improvement of workforce abilities.

Our workshops have been developed through close consultation with industry. Every workshop is carefully planned with our clients to ensure the agreed outcomes are achieved.

A sample range of some of our most common workshops includes:

  • Responding to Aggressive Behaviours
  • Wellness and Ablement
  • Mentoring & Buddying in the Workplace
  • Documentation
  • Dementia Care
  • Professional Boundaries
  • Elder Abuse
  • Grief & Loss
  • Promoting Independence

We are constantly developing new workshops and welcome feedback from our industry partners.

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Developing Healthcare Managers

Developing Healthcare Managers is a management skills development program to up-skill new and existing managers and supervisors with core competencies related to the managerial functions of their roles.This program has been designed to meet an identified skills gap being experienced by Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses and managers in all areas of healthcare service delivery.

Course Content:

This program consists of ten (10) modules designed to offer participants a broad scope of supervisory and managerial skills to enhance their effectiveness as both leaders and team players in a healthcare context. From understanding their supervisory role and responsibilities, to building teaming, leadership and communication skills, to actively championing a customer service culture and supporting organisational change, this program seeks to develop participants in order to foster the individual, workgroup and cultural needs and outcomes of your organisation.

Module 1 The Professional Supervisor
Module 2 Leadership Skills
Module 3 Teaming
Module 4 Effective Communication
Module 5 Feedback & Performance Management
Module 6 Conflict Resolution (staff & clients)
Module 7 Coaching – a leadership skill
Module 8 Managing Change
Module 9 Time Management
Module 10 Critical Elements of Customer Service

All of our workshops can be offered as half, full or multi-day sessions.

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